A rare and very early signed photo of heavyweight contender Oscar Bonavena... Signed and inscribed in Spanish on 9/9/65 in blue ink while 22 years of age

measures: 3.75 x 5.5"
condition: excellent



Oscar "Ringo" Bonavena
Bonavena earned the nickname "Ringo" for the Beatles haircut that he sported.
Born: Sep. 25, 1942
Died: May. 22, 1976

World heavyweight boxing's top contender who went 15 rounds with Ali and Frazier. A vicious puncher ranked at the top of the professional heavyweight boxing division, Bonavena fought 3 famous champions: Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Floyd Patterson. Bonavena knocked down Joe Frazier twice but Frazier won a 10 round decision over Bonavena in New York City on September 1, 1966. After winning seven consecutive fights Bonavena fought Frazier again, this time for the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship in Philadelphia on December 10, 1968 but Frazier won a 15 round decision. After winning five consecutive fights by knockout, on December 7, 1970 in New York City Bonavena fought 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali. Late in the 15th round Ali knocked down Bonavena 3 times and finally knocked Bonavena out, the only time in 66 fights Bonavena was stopped. On February 11, 1972 Bonavena fought a brutal war in New York City with former champ Floyd Patterson, Patterson won the ten round decision. Bonavena won his last six bouts, his last victory coming with a ten round decision win over Billy Joiner in Reno Nevada on February 26,1976. Known as a hard partier and womanizer when he wasn't training, Bonavena was finally stopped for good. Oscar Bonavena was found murdered at the famed brothel "The Mustang Ranch" on May 22, 1976 just outside of Las Vegas. Final professional boxing record:
56 wins... 9 losses... 1 draw... with 42 kayos.
He was 33 years old when slain.

  Ross Brymer served 15 months in prison for killing Bonavena after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the 1976 slaying of the Argentinian boxer.
   Investigators said Bonavena may have been the victim of a premeditated murder because he may have been the lover of then-brothel owner Joe Conforte's wife, and guards had orders to shoot him if he showed up at the brothel.




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