Joe Frazier
March 4, 1968



An oversized vintage photo of Joe Frazier being announced the winner following his 11th round knockout of Buster Mathis on March 4, 1968... This fight took place in the newly built Madison Square Garden... Trainer Eddie Futch can be seen to the right of photo

"CAMERA 5" photo by Ken Regan
measures: 9.5 x 14"
condition: some minor creasing and a few small
tears to outer portion of photo, piece
missing from lower left

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                   FROM THE BOOKS
   When Frazier fought Buster Mathis on March 4, 1968, he was determined to clear any hint of tarnish from his Olympic medal. (Before Frazier went to Tokyo, he had won thirty-eight of forty fights. His two losses had been to Mathis in the Olympic trials. When Mathis had broken a knuckle, Frazier had substituted.)
   "Smokin' Joe flattened Mathis with a left hook in 2:33 of the eleventh round.

  Nat Fleischer & Sam Andre-A Pictorial History Of Boxing


a more clear partial view through scanner
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