Joe Frazier
undefeated champion
George Foreman
undefeated no.1 challenger

Jan. 22, 1973




Here is the official on-site program to the Joe Frazier-George Foreman heavyweight championship fight held in Kingston, Jamaica on January 22, 1973... The program is nicely signed by Foreman in black sharpie and was obtained in-person by me at this years Boxing Hall Of Fame induction weekend... My LOA will accompany this item




   On January 22, 1973, at Kingston, Jamaica, Frazier, a 3-1 favorite, was floored six times by Foreman before referee Arthur Mercante stopped the action at 1:35 of the second round before 36,000 fans.
   Frazier pressed the attack, but was met by a challenger who moved not a step backward. A right to the jaw by Foreman achieved the first knockdown midway into the first round. Frazier got up, exchanged a few punches, and was down again from a series of rights to the head.
   Again Frazier rose quickly, but obviously dazed, and was decked a third time as the bell ended the round. As set down by the rules, counting did not end with the bell, but was continued until Frazier struggled up at the count of three.
   Frazier opened round two with a rushing attack and a left hook to the head, but it was a short rally. Foreman, who weighed 217 to Frazier's 214, sent the champion to the mat for the fourth time with a left-right to the jaw. Up at the count of two, Frazier was dropped by two left hooks. Again Frazier struggled up but then went down for the last time from a series of punches.
   Frazier gamely got to his feet, but referee Arthur Mercante looked at his glazed eyes and reeling figure and signaled that there was a new champion.


Sam Andre & Nat Fleischer-A Pictorial History Of Boxing


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"Big" George just before obtaining his autograph
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