"Curtains For Tony"
Joe Louis vs. Tony Galento
June 28, 1939




Referee Arthur Donovan comes to the rescue of Tony Galento to save him from further punishment at the hands of world heavyweight champion, Joe Louis who is looking on... The ending came 2 minutes 29 seconds into the fourth round... A classic image!!


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Louis Knocks Out Galento in 4th
After Challenger Drops Him in 3rd

Champion, Near Defeat, Comes Back To Pound
His Foe Into Submission-Referee Stops
Bout Seen by 34,852 at Stadium


    In a heavyweight battle that will take its place among the ring's outstanding title struggles because of its savage fury and methodical butchery, Joe Louis last night knocked out Two-Ton Tony Galento, barrel-shaped Orange (N.J.) challenger, in the fourth round of what was to have been a fifteen-round struggle in the Yankee Stadium.
    The end came in 2 minutes 29 seconds of the fourth session, but only a short time before the Brown Bomber's hand was raised in victory he had been close to being dethroned.
    Galento, the despised, the roly-poly, unorthodox, uncontrollable heavyweight who was not conceded a chance in advance of the bout, thrilled 34,852 wild-eyed, shouting men and women by knocking Louis down in the third round for a count of one. He missed the title only because in his awkward, heavy-footed way he could not muster the accuracy to uncork another left hook to the jaw such as the blow that floored Louis.
    Failing in this unexpected emergency, Galento went the way of most Louis foes. He was butchered into submission under the paralyzing power of the champion's blistering blows, rendered helpless before a crowd that paid receipts of $283,303 for a battle which, in advance, promised to be ridiculously one-sided and developed, instead, into a bid for the title that was heroic, albeit futile.

The New York Times - June 29, 1939


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