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August 8, 2008

Steve Grad, John Reznikoff & Zack Rullo
 The Mistakes Just Keep Coming openly requested an interview with each of these three persons who claim they can authenticate autographs.   The challenge includes a representative from asking each of these gents about a dozen questions. The interview should not take more that 20-25 minutes.
Many of our readers are concerned about the people at PSADNA who claim to be autograph experts. Questions about their actual backgrounds in autographs, their autograph education and several other questions need to be answered.  Many collectors now somewhat educated  no longer believe in self promoting full page advertisements. Collectors now want to hear from the authenticators themselves.
We want to take this opportunity to thank those dealers who have contacted us regarding not giving refunds based on the guess of any 3rd party autograph authenticator. All dealers have to do is refer your customer to the stories on
Here is one more reason to understand why 3rd party authenticators are incompetent. Read the following.   Again we can refer to the current ****** Auctions, Lot number 2071, Andrew Johnson Military appointment.  That short description alone sends up a red flag to anyone who has even limited experience handling signed presidential items.  Who doesnt know most of these documents are not hand signed by President Johnson?  It appears only Steve Grad, John Reznikoff and Zack Rullo at PSADNA dont know!
The following is a condensed version of ******* catalog description of this lot. ...offered is an 1866 military commission certificate, signed by President Andrew Johnson....Johnsons black fountain pen signature is a full name example....and rates an 8" in strength......LOA from Steve Grad & Zack Rullo and John Reznikoff/PSADNA.
 Andrew Johnson Stamped Signature

Andrew Johnson Stamped Signature being sold as Genuine

Once again, would like to hear from the boys at PSADNA how this got passed them?  The only possible excuse, even for these gents is that none of them saw the document. But we would like to hear that from them.
Yet, there is a COA from PSADNA from these three passing this item as genuine.
Lets take this one more embarrassing step forward. Worse, is that not one of these three can tell a signature signed by a pen using ink verses a signature placed on a document by a stamp. THE SIGNATURE ON THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS A VERY COMMON STAMPED SIGNATURE.
Now, if someone cant tell a real ink signature from a stamped signature, why should any collector submit their autograph for authentication? Why should ANY dealer make a refund based on one of their guesses? Why are these people authenticating autographs?
Steve Grad, John Reznikoff, Zack Rullo, send us an email and lets set up an interview!