PSA/DNA non authentic signed Battling Nelson photo

Battling Nelson forgery authenticated by PSA/DNA - note the non-fluent/labored handwriting, note the abbreviation "Bat" note the wide back loop on the "B", note the name "Nelson" note the small case "e" is in the style of a backwards "3", , note the long continuation of the second "n" are all inconsistent with the handwriting of Battling Nelson. Also note the picture is not Battling Nelson but rather bantamweight and featherweight champion Terry McGovern. Because of the aforementioned, it is our opinion this item is not authentic.

below are authentic Battling Nelson signed items

June 23, 1944

November 18, 1918


June 23, 1946

July 4, 1945


January 2, 1943


February 3, 1943

April 28, 1911


A real Battling Nelson signed photo 6-23-13


True Images Of:


1908 - 1910

b. June 5, 1882
d. February 7, 1954


Terry McGovern photos - note the consistency in the sash around his waste in all photos