The item in question is represented in #'s 2 & 22


Robert Fitzsimmons Signature Comparison

  • Note the handwriting slants to the right and is consistent in all 18 examples.
  • Note #’s 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 all have the same inscription “With Best wishes”. Note the curl at the beginning of the “W” (up, down and up) before starting the letter is consistent in all 5 examples.
  • #’s 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5  the pen lifts after the “W” in “With”, the “s” in “best”, and the first “s” in “wishes” are consistent in all 5 examples. Also note the dotting of the “i” in “wishes” is off to the right and over the “s” in all 5 examples. Note the “h” in “wishes” he starts the letter at the bottom, then goes up and then back down to complete the letter (confirmed in #’s 8 & 13).
  • “Fitzsimmons” note the pen lifts after the “F”, the “t”, the first “s” and second “m” is consistent in all examples (provide magnifier to show our example is not a continued stroke in the mentioned letters). Note the “F” starts up, then down, then loops  over backwards to the left before coming down and ends with a tail is consistent in all examples. Note the beek of the “F” goes right, then down is consistent in all examples. Note the “z” slants sharply down to the left in all examples. Note the dotting of the “i” is off to the right and over the “m” in virtually all examples.
  • “Bob” note the pen lifts after the first  “B” in all examples signed “Bob”. Note the letter formation in the capital “B”, starts at the top, comes downward, then makes an upward loop to the left back, then comes down. Note the top loop in his capital “B’s” consistently goes up over where he starts the letter and points upward and to the right rather than a right facing rounded curve. Consistent in #’s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.
  • Note the ink runs on to the mount and is consistent with the ink on the photograph which eliminates the possibility of this being a copy of an autographed photo.
  • Note the handwriting in the item in question as with all exemplars shows fluent strokes with no stops and restarts in any of the letter formations.
  • Note the handwriting is not jagged as would be consistent with slow moving strokes which is notable in forged or traced signatures.
  • Note the item in question is a cabinet card by White Studios vintage to the period and note a modern photograph on Kodak, Fuji, etc. paper.
  • Note the autograph is not signed with a modern writing instrument such as a ballpoint or flair type pen but rather signed with an ink which is consistent to the period.