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Subject:  Re: Fitz
            Priority:  Normal      Date:  Thursday, January 22, 2009 10:31 PM    Size:  4 KB
Dear Mark I appreciate your time in responding to my email. I respect your knowledge in this hobby very much. Henceforth why i purchased my memorabilia from you and **** based on your good solid reputations. I believe that the Bob fitzsimmons signed cabinet card is 100% genuine and that is why i purchased it. It is my mistake when i told you 15 only existed that was what i said in regards to how they are probably inexperienced with such a rare signature. I see exactly where you are coming from and could not disagree with a line of your preeceding email. However , i enjoy having a letter of authenticity from jsa for it reasures me that my investment is in fact a good one. I would take your opinion or **** oponion over spence's any day of the year however when it comes to authenticating he carries a great reputation with auction houses and people a like.I understand that you have examples and that just reasures me of it's legitamacy and i  have also compared it to every exemplar my computer could dig up. I realy enjoy the piece
as you or any other serious collector must. I really hate to insult you with this and my dearest apolagies for putting you and even critcizing the piece. I understand your knowledge and spectacular pedigree when t comes to boxing autographs and i look to you and **** when i am in search of an authentic autograph.Spence has not given me a verdict yet however when he does i will inform you immediatley. I really am sorry for all of this and  i havent an ounce of doubt of this or any other piece in your collection is not indeed the authentic example. My dearest apologies and i appreciate your understanding of my need for a letter. Sincerly ****