Update: The item in question was removed by the auction house on 2/2/10

An addendum to our lawsuit story involving an authentication company called PSA/DNA. Not only did this company reject a genuine Robert Fitzsimmons autographed item we sold without providing an explanation or any supporting evidence, now it is certifying a non-authentic Robert Fitzsimmons autograph which can be proven otherwise.

Our opinion with supporting evidence:

Yet another example of why I do not accept the opinion of third party authenticators. Item #2 is currently up for auction as of 1/28/10 with current bidding at $1,129 and two weeks remaining. Compare this item #2 to the ALS written by Fitzsimmons' manager Martin Julian #1 and you can plainly see the handwriting is one and the same.

#1 is a handwritten letter all in the hand of Fitzsimmons' manager Martin Julian, dated September 24, 1898

  • Note the inscriptions "Yours Very Truly" in both #1 and #2 are dead-on examples. Also note the unique letter formation of the "T" in "Truly"

  • In the ALS #1 compare the completion of the "s" in "Holmes" and "Yours" to the completion of the last "s" in "Fitzsimmons" in #2

  • In #1 note the word "contract" and "Martin" both "t"s are not crossed through the upstroke but rather have a line to the right as does the "t" in "Fitzsimmons" in #2

  • In #2 note the "F" in "Fitzsimmons" starts up top then comes down is inconsistent with all exemplars where the "F" starts down then goes up. Also in #2 note the rounded tail at the bottom of the "z" and disconnection from the "s" is inconsistent with all exemplars where the "z" is a much straighter slant down and to the left and is always connected to the "s"

#2 is a PSA/DNA non authentic pre-certified Fitzsimmons signature. At best, an attempt by Fitz' manager to make it look as though it was signed by Fitzsimmons himself.

#1162 - Bob Fitzsimmons
Scarce signature of champion Bob Fitzsimmons
New Zealand boxer (1863-1917) who made boxing history as the sport's first three-division world champion. Rare ink signature, “Yours very truly, Bob Fitzsimmons, 3/13/96,” on an off-white 3.25 x 2.25 card. In fine condition, with small mounting remnants to two corners. One of the scarcest and most highly sought boxing autographs! Pre-certified Steve Grad/PSA/DNA and RRAuction COA.

Again, make note the name which has been consistently signing off on these non-authentic items which are making their way into our hobby at an alarming rate.



#3 is an authentic signed Fitzsimmons, note the very different letter formations in "Truly" as compared to the PSA/DNA non-authentic item represented in #2

#4 is the envelope which accompanied item #5 and is all in the hand of Fitzsimmons. Note the formation of the "T" in "Temple" is consistent with the "T" in "Truly" in #3 which are both inconsistent with the non-authentic item #2

I've included the two authentic examples of Robert Fitzsimmons' signature below to show the amazing consistency over time. There is a 21 year and 8 month gap between the signing of the two examples. Note the pen lifts in "Fitzsimmons" remained consistent over time (after the "F", the "t", the first "s" and the second "m", sometimes more difficult to tell as he would occasionally come back down on the previous letter when starting the next), refer to #'s 3, 5 and 6. Note in PSA/DNA's non-authentic example #2 the pen lifts after the "F" and "z" only

#5 is from a letter dated January 7, 1914


#6 is dated May 5, 1892

#7 is from the Corbett-Fitzsimmons contract which was signed by Fitzsimmons in December of 1896, same year
as the PSA non-authentic item represented in #2. Note the inconsistencies when compared to #2 and the similarities when compared  to the authentic exemplars represented in #'s 3, 5 & 6. Also note Fitzsimmons manager Martin Julian has also signed in the lower left corner.

How does a company authenticate a genuine signature when they have non-authentic exemplars in their files?

Why does this PSA/DNA company
make the claim...
 PSA/DNA is a state-of-the-art autograph authentication service developed by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) of Newport Beach, California. Utilizing a specially synthesized DNA technology provided by DNA Technologies, Inc., PSA/DNA provides legitimacy to autographed collectibles and helps combat the problem of counterfeits
... and then continues to push their non-authentic crap into our hobby?

Third party authenticators and forgers have one very similar distinction, they both rely on the uneducated and uninformed for their business. Educate yourself by accumulating a file of exemplars and inform yourself by reviewing the material contained within these two web sites. Full of evidence supplied by third party authenticators themselves, their own worst detractor.