Due to an erroneous lawsuit which has been filed against me, I'm forced to implement an autograph policy and terms regarding this category of collecting. Please read carefully as there will be no exceptions to this policy. Effective immediately:
  Autograph Policy:
  • All autographs purchased from this site are guaranteed authentic for life to the original purchaser
  • All autographed material purchased from this site will include our personal Letter Of Authenticity
  • No refunds will be issued due to any third party authenticators negative or no opinion,  click here for explanation
  • I do, however, respect evidence and will issue a refund on any item purchased that can be proven not authentic with indubitable evidence, provided by an authenticator or any other source
  Unlike third party authenticators:
  • My main interest pertains solely to the sport of professional boxing
  • My experience and attention is not weakened or diluted by branching off into multiple sports, entertainment, presidential, military or other miscellaneous categories of collecting
  • I've been collecting boxing autographs since 1989 and have built an extensive exemplar file on a vast number of boxing notables which has started, and has been accumulating, before third party authenticators existed
  • Each autograph obtained is personally examined by me and compared to known genuine exemplars before being deemed authentic and added to this site
  • I will not offer a Jack Johnson autograph signed and dated "1956" when he died in "1946" click here
  • I will not authenticate and encapsulate an autograph of Sugar Ray Robinson that is actually an autograph of Jackie Robinson click here
  • I do know the likeness of the subjects I collect and will not offer an autograph of Jake LaMotta that has been signed on a photo of Tony Zale  click here
  • I will not offer an autograph of Harry Greb when his last name has been mistakingly signed G-r-e-e-b click here
  • I am able to provide evidence in the form of exemplars click here and show the consistencies along with an explanation as to why an autograph is "likely genuine" click here
    Mark Ogren